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To Our Valued Guests,

Since the beginning of our stay at home order due to COVID-19, we have been working diligently on procedures to keep you and our staff as safe as possible. We have been corresponding with our Clay County health officials on clarification and compliance, as well as suggestions on how to open properly. We cannot express enough our gratitude to the support that you have shown throughout this process, as well as, your patience with us in making sure that when we open, we are creating the safest environment possible.

We have decided that it is extremely important to give you insight on what we are doing inside our 4 walls. This is our community. As we continue to serve you, we also will be raising our families within this community. We all must do our part in taking the necessary precautions to ensure this community can continue to grow and prosper. Below, you will find how we are doing our part. The most immediate change you will notice will be right when you walk through the door. We have taken this time to make some adjustments and added a more comfortable waiting area.

Upon being seated there will be a few changes to your dining experience. Our hope is that these changes will not only create a safer environment for all of us, but also add to the speed of service.
As we are doing our best to keep contact to a minimum, our hope was to make payment as seamless as possible. For this reason, we will be offering a text to pay system to those that wish to participate.
For those who are just not quite ready to join us back in our dining room, we will still be offering our curbside pickup for your convenience. For Online Ordering, visit www.Conrads816.com. Our regular menu will be available as well as our Growler list for our 42 Taps & Growler Cocktails.

We are all excited to get back to doing what we love to do. We miss our guests and the opportunity to serve as much as you miss coming out. We do ask that you follow the above guidelines and participate in being as safe as possible. We will not be able to open and serve our community without all of us accepting the social responsibility to interact with each other appropriately. By dining in, you are accepting the risks associated with being in public during COVID-19. We do ask for your patience in these steps of service. Your experience may take a little bit longer than usual, but this is only because we do not have the opportunity to skim over the details.

Thanks again for your support and welcome back!